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How Micro-Credit Works

You can earn money with confidence with M2M Funds.

  • Offer to lend $50 to $1000 USD per loan
  • Offer desired term of 3 to 30 days
  • Offer a desired interest rate 0.5% to 2% per day
  • Your offer will be posted on the M2M Funds website
  • Interested members will request the loan.
  • You can review the members profile and credit rating
  • Then accept or reject the loan request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two loan types, Standard and Guaranteed Loans

The Standard option DOES NOT GUARANTEE repayment of loans - Members loan funds at their own risk.
Standard loans carry an admin fee of 10% of the profit made from the loan which is deducted from your account on issuing the loan.

Guaranteed loans are underwritten by M2M Funds and repayment of loans is guaranteed on borrower default.
Guaranteed loans carry an admin fee of 50% of the profit made from the loan which is deducted from your account on issuing the loan.

Credit Ratings are based on members verifying their accounts by submitting identification documents and by the number of loan repayments made.
Members are restricted on the amount they can borrow according to their credit rating. Members MUST be verified to get a credit rating.

Credit Rating Limits
5 - Borrowing limit $50
6 - Borrowing limit $75
7 - Borrowing limit $100
8 - Borrowing limit $125
9 - Borrowing limit $150
10 - Borrowing limit $175
11 - Borrowing limit $300
12 - Borrowing limit $500
13 - Borrowing limit $750
14 and above - Borrowing limit $1000

2. Borrowers

As a member of the M2M Funds Micro-Credit network, you can borrow money in a quick and easy way.

Submitting a Loan Request

  • Enter a Loan Request with the desired amount, term, and interest rate.

  • Your Loan Request will be posted on the M2M Funds website.

  • Members willing to loan you funds will contact you and on acceptance will transfer the funds to your M2M account.

Selecting a Loan Offer

  • You can review and select an offer from the Loan Offer list.
  • The member will review your request and either accept or decline to loan you the funds.
  • On acceptance the member will transfer the funds to your M2M account.
  • You will be required to repay the loan and the accrued interest at the end of the specified loan term.

Failure to repay the loan will result in the suspension of your account until the debt is repaid.  Failing to repay loans may also be subject to legal action to recover the funds.

3. Referral Commission

Upgraded members earn $2 commission on every upgraded member referred by them and $1 on upgraded members referred by their direct referrals. There is also a commission of 2% based on the profits from loans issued by the members direct referrals.

4. Guarantee

The guarantee option will ensure loans can be issued without any risk.
Members can select the guarantee option when offering a loan assures lenders will get their money back if a borrower fails to repay a loan.
Using the guarantee options however, does incur a higher admin fee of 50% of the profit on the loan and is payable when the loan is issued.

Circumstances where losses will not be covered by the Security Fund

There are several types of losses not covered by the Security Fund:

  1. Losses from loans issued to other members outside of the M2M Funds system, as well as loans that violate the Terms and Conditions;
  2. Losses on loans issued utilizing the Standard option;
  3. Fake losses. If there are sufficient grounds to believe that losses claimed for reimbursement are the result of fraudulent activity of the members of M2M Funds, then payments to these members will be suspended until an investigation is completed.

How to Turn your Ideas into Reality
Crowdfunding enables members with great ideas to raise the money they need, in return for rewards.
Members can back your idea with pledges of money and you provide rewards that reflect the money contributed.

  • Create your project page explaining your idea
  • Set the amount you need to raise
  • Set the target date to start your project
  • Set the estimated completion date
  • Offer rewards for backers when the project succeeds
  • Members pledge funds
  • If target amount has been reached you get the funds
  • Complete the project and reward your backers

Submitting Your Project

1. Tell Your Story

People need to understand your idea, why it means so much to you, and why they should support it. Include a video, description, aim and images on your crowd funding page. Explain who you are, what your idea is, what the money is for and what members will get in return for funding your project.

2. What Are The Rewards

Rewards are benefits, products or services offered by the project. Rewards should be creative and unique. Rewards should apply to different funding price points to suit every budget and should provide excellent value for money.

3. How To Work Out Your Target

Target amounts are on an all or nothing basis, which means you need to reach your target amount to receive the money. If you do not reach your target amount all pledges are returned to the members backing your project and you receive nothing.

With an all or nothing system setting your target amount correctly is of paramount importance. To set your target amount you need to take into account several factors.

  1. Obviously the amount needed to successfully complete your project is an important factor.

  2. The average amount generally pledged is around $50

  3. The average conversion rate of members viewing your project to those pledging is approximately 5%


If you need to raise $5000 you would need to get an average of 100 pledges at $50. To achieve this you would need to get approximately 2000 people to view your project in order to raise your target amount. Publishing your project on M2M Funds has the advantage of a large viewer base but you should also promote our project to the outside world as well to increase the chances of success.

Making Project Pledges

Pledging to a project means the amount of the pledge is placed in your account reserve until the start date for the project.
If the project has achieved its target amount by the start date the money will be transferred from your reserve to the project owners account.
If the project fails to reach its target amount the pledge is cancelled and the money is returned to your account balance.

Important Pledging Tips

  1. There are no assurances that a project will be successfully implemented so you MUST consider the RISK OF LOSS before pledging.
  2. Always study the project carefully before making a pledge.
  3. Ensure the project products, services and rewards are what you really want.
  4. Does the project offer you value for your pledge.
  5. How long will you need to wait before the project will be completed and you receive a return.


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